Demo 2013

by Outsider

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Outsider Demo 2013


released February 28, 2013

Thanks to Early grave Designs for the artwork!

Shout outs to the UYC, No excuse, Nihility, Desolated and Grove street families.

Southampton Hardcore.



all rights reserved


Outsider Southampton, UK



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Track Name: Grave Robbers
what do you feel when you close your eyes at night
rabid thoughts situated in the minds eye,
i'll tear off that mask, yeah i'll remove your disguise
because the truth will over come your web of lies

your lies!

they left us paralysed!

your heart is stone and your mind is black,
you lost your soul with no way back,
there's venom on your tongue cos i know the truth,
your days are numbered man
it's time to make your move
fuelled by believers,
but im the reaper,
sent to cleanse the earth of scum like you!

I am tired of being alone

Wont somebody find me a home!?
Track Name: World Suppressor (ft Ben of NxE)
our mistakes,
your disgrace,
you fell from grace

fuck you i know just what you did my mind has never been closed
i know just what this is
spewing your lies to a subdued society
only thing that you ask is for total com-pliancy
dont just tell yourself
these are the cards your dealt
just open your mind
to the world in front of your eyes

and so were told, your doing the best you can,
but it's getting old, i know your speaking for every man
i bet you dont know, but your not fooling anyone,
was it worth your soul,for every lie you told?

Im sick and fucking tired!

everyday this country gets worse
cant bare to open the door
felling like the want more
these streets cant take the life out of me
one day the world will see
what was made for me
Track Name: Nothing To Lose
you left me in fear
my eyes remain closed
there's nothing for me
there is no hope
if your life flashed before your eyes
could you say you put up a fight
for every truth that you had to deny
for every lie that you had to provide

is this the end

is this my curtain call

is this the end
is this my time to fall

is this the end
is this the end is this the end of everything?

there's blood on my hands and it bleeds from the man who told me truth, ive got nothing to lose!

Nothing To Lose!